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GC COE-PAK AUTOMIX, Surgical Dressing and Periodontal Pack, 50ml, PK/2
390 SAR
Brand: GC
Code: 135003
In Stock
eugenol-free, surgical dressing and periodontal pack that has no burning sensation, no unpleasant ta..
GC EQUIA Forte HT Fil, A2, 50 Capsules
695 SAR
Brand: GC
Code: 004371
In Stock
unique restorative system for aesthetic and economical posterior restorations with impressive streng..
GC Fuji I, P/L Intro Package 1:1
448 SAR
Brand: GC
Code: 003201
In Stock
GC Fuji I Cement - 1:1 Package. Glass Ionomer Luting Cement. 35 Gm. Powder, 20 mL Liquid, Spatula an..
GC RELINE, Hard Denture, Chairside Reline Material, Intro Package
749 SAR
Brand: GC
Code: 346000
In Stock
improved methyl methacrylate-free, self-curing reline material that does not exhibit the high exothe..
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