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Hemostatic Agents

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ETIK COLLAGENE cylinders are made from pure native collagen, of animal origin (bovine): Type I collagen: 80 to 90% - Type III collagen: 10 to 20%. The collagen used has a European Pharmacopoeia Conformity certificate. The ETIK COLLAGENE cylinders are then packaged in single unit blister packs, then sterilised by gamma (Ɣ) ionising radiation. Based on present knowledge, ETIK COLLAGENE cylinders therefore offer maximum viral, bacterial, fungal and NCTA safety. HOW IT WORKS Haemostatic due to its mechanical properties Collagen is a fibrillar protein that is naturally occurring in all connective tissues. Lyophilised collagen, in cylinder form, causes haemostasis due to its adhesion, liquid absorption and gelling properties. Strong adhesion The collagen cylinder moulds to the hemorrhagic surface, strongly adhering to it when subject to mechanical compression. This causes formation of the platelet plug (coagulation) and ensures the latter remains in place.

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