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Diamond Bur, FG 012, Fine, Cone (Goldies) ISO #164

Diamond Bur, FG 012, Fine, Cone (Goldies) ISO #164 - DIASWISS - FG314164012
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Diamond Bur, FG 012, Fine, Cone (Goldies) ISO #164
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  • Grit: Fine
  • Size: 012
  • Shape: Cone
  • Packing: 6x Pieces
  • Shank: FG (314)

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Swiss Goldies diamonds differ from conventional diamonds in several aspects. First, the specially developed coating and embedding process achieves a density and homogeneity never seen before. Second, diamonds are set free for cutting in a controlled release process so that the cutting efficiency is maintained over a longer period of time. Finally, the diamond coating consists of several layers of all-natural diamonds with different grit sizes. Taken together, this new generation of Swiss Goldies diamonds contributes significantly to efficiency and comfort in your clinic. Swiss

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