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Order Dentsply Sirona dental manufacturer products from the official distributor on SOUQ DENTAL
Duomix 2 Mixing Machine 230V
Brand: Dentsply Sirona
Code: 2761000000
In Stock
Dycal Dentin, Standard Pack (13g Base + 11g Catalyst)
Brand: Dentsply Sirona
Code: DSS-61106501
In Stock
Dycal is a calcium hydroxide rigid-setting material for direct and indirect pulp capping, and a prot..
Dynamic Mixing Tips DECA380, PK/40
Brand: Dentsply Sirona
Code: 60578400
In Stock
Dyract XP Shade A3, 0.25g, PK/20
Brand: Dentsply Sirona
Code: 60604276
In Stock
Dyract XP Shade B1, 0.25g, PK/20
Brand: Dentsply Sirona
Code: 60604278
In Stock
Dyract XP, Compomer Composite, Refill, B1, 0.25g, PK/20
Brand: Dentsply Sirona
Code: DSS-60604278
In Stock
Dyract eXtra has certain advantages over the older generations of Dyract. The main improvements are ..
EasyPost Set Size 0.8
Brand: Dentsply Sirona
Code: MP-C060200800100
In Stock
EasyPost Set Size 0.8..
EasyPost Set Size 1.0
Brand: Dentsply Sirona
Code: MP-C060201000100
In Stock
EasyPost Set Size 1.0..
Eezee-Grip Digital Sensor Holder
Brand: Dentsply Sirona
Code: R550293
In Stock
Accurate positioning for distortion-free radiographs. For anterior and posterior periapical radiogra..
Endo Access Bur FG Size 1
Brand: Dentsply Sirona
Code: MP-A016430000100
In Stock
Endo Access Bur FG Size 1..
Endo Access Bur FG Size 2
Brand: Dentsply Sirona
Code: MP-A016430000200
In Stock
Endo Access Bur FG Size 2..
Endo Access Bur FG Size 3
Brand: Dentsply Sirona
Code: MP-A016430000300
In Stock
Endo Access Bur FG Size 3..
Endo Activator System
Brand: Dentsply Sirona
Code: MP-A091100000000
In Stock
High-frequency ultrasound up to 38kHz.Variable frequency control, self-adjusting frequency in treatm..
Endo Stand
Brand: Dentsply Sirona
Code: MP-A265P00000000
In Stock
Endo Stand..
Endo Twin-Bloc
Brand: Dentsply Sirona
Code: MP-A033800000100
In Stock
Endo Twin-Bloc..
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