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When you want to buy or try to find dental supplies related to Miscellaneous Lab Products , you can find here and save money! Browse below.
705 Universal Fast Adhesive 200ml
Akfix 705 Universal Fast Adhesive is an adhesive set which consists of high viscosity cyano-acrylate..
Dento Mask 21 Kit
SAR 298.00
Mask For Gingiva ..
Dentona 1:1 Gum
SAR 346.00
an addition–curing modelling silicone – light and comfortable to work with, at the 1:1 dosage. It ha..
Kroxx Glue 20g
SAR 54.00
Multipurpose Super Glue..
Mixing Bowls  - Set/4
Set of 4 Mixing Bowels Features: XL  Diamter Ø 14cm   800 mlL    Diamter Ø 13cm   500 mlM   Diamter ..
Mouth Mould
SAR 36.00
Mouth Mould for Dental Lab..
Occlusion Spray Green - 75ml
Very fine spray for making contact points visible. Extra fine constant film thickness, fresh mint fl..
Round Bur Stand 30 Holes
Round Bur Stand 30 Holes..
Transparent Mixing Bowls Set/3
Transparent Mixing Bowls Set/3..
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