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When you want to buy or try to find dental supplies related to Finishing and Polishing Compounds, you can find here and save money! Browse below.

Brinell L, Precious Metal & Porcelain Polishing Paste, 5ml
The finest diamond particles achieve the optimum high-luster shine. Sparing application via the meas..
Kohinor L, Porcelain Polishing Paste 5g
Optimum uptake with rotating polishing brush. Very economical in its use. Ideal for “hand polishing”..
Opal L, Acryl Polishing Paste, 35g
Particularly suitable for light-curing acrylics. Quick polishing effect. Quickly smoothes the surfac..
Renfert Diamond Polishing Paste All-in-One
Polishing paste for universal use, with a wide spectrum of diamond grain sizes. Quick, high-gloss fi..
Renfert Diamond Polishing Paste LiSi2
Polishing paste specifically for lithium disilicate with an exactly coordinated amount of coarse dia..
Renfert Diamond Polishing Paste ZrO2
Polishing paste for zirconium oxide with specially coordinated abrasive properties due to extra coar..
Saphir, Alloys Polishing Paste, 250g, Blue
Special formula made up of high quality raw materials. For general use on all alloys. Optimum polish..
Universal Acryl Polishing Paste, Beige PK/6
Hard polishing paste for mirror-like surface. Long-lasting. Fine grained consistency...