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Dento Stone 220, Pink, 25KG

Dento Stone 220, Pink, 25KG - Dentona - 102450
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Dento Stone 220, Pink, 25KG
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  • Type: Die Stone (Type 4)
  • Packing: 25 Kg

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dento-stone® 220 is a specially formulated super hard plaster that complies with the DIN EN ISO 6873: 2013 standard for a type 4 dental stone. It is thixotropic with a normal setting time, which makes it highly suitable for the production of counter bites, plastic dentures, model casts, and orthodontic models.


  • Category: Super Hard Plaster
  • Type: Type 4, Thixotropic
  • Application: Counter bites, plastic dentures, model casts, and orthodontics

Mixing and Handling:

Mixing Ratio23 ml of water to 100 g of powder
Stirring Time30 seconds (mechanical)
Processing TimeApproximately 5-6 minutes
Setting TimeApproximately 10-11 minutes

Physical Properties:

  • Hardness (24h): Greater than 220 N/mm²
  • Hardness (30/60 min): Approximately 180/200 N/mm²
  • Compressive Strength:
    • 1 hour: Approximately 60 MPa
    • 24 hours: Greater than 70 MPa
  • Expansion (DIN): Less than 0.09 %

Product Highlights:

  • High Hardness Level: With a 24-hour hardness greater than 220 N/mm², it ensures durable models.
  • Rapid Processing: Offers a quick processing time of 5-6 minutes for efficient model production.
  • Thixotropic Properties: Ensures the material stays in place without dripping, facilitating precise application.
  • Minimal Expansion: The expansion rate of less than 0.09% according to DIN ensures dimensional stability.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Mix 23 ml of water with 100 g of dento-stone® 220 powder.
  2. Stir mechanically for 30 seconds to achieve a consistent mix.
  3. Use the material within the 5-6 minute processing time for detailed work.
  4. Let the plaster set for 10-11 minutes to achieve initial hardness.
  5. Final hardness and compressive strength are reached after 24 hours, ready for further manipulation or evaluation.

dento-stone® 220 is designed for dental professionals who demand strength, precision, and efficiency in their dental modeling and fabrication processes.

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