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Waxlectric I, Electric Wax Knife

Waxlectric I, Electric Wax Knife - Renfert - 2156000003
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Waxlectric I, Electric Wax Knife
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1 control unit, integrated holder for 1 handpiece and 6 tips, 1 handpiece, 1 waxing-up tip No. 2155 0102, 1 mains unit.
Waxlectric I is the professional introduction to the electric wax knife range.
Temperature setting to a precise degree ensures controlled working processes.
Direct access of preferred working temperatures using the programming function.
Fast heat-up rate and low heat transfer to the handle thanks to the heating element integrated in the tip.
Integrated holders provide ergonomic access to the handpiece and exchange tips.
Direct setting of the maximum or minimum temperature.
Daylight operable 3-figure LED display.
Color-coded for controlled management of the handpiece.

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