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AS-100 3D Intraoral Scanner - 35 Seconds

AS-100 3D Intraoral Scanner - 35 Seconds - AlliedStar - AS-100
AS-100 3D Intraoral Scanner - 35 Seconds
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The AS 100 Intraoral Scanner is a revolutionary dental tool that redefines the concept of essential models by introducing industry-first features. This scanner is designed to offer top-notch scanning precision, making it an effortless choice for dentists looking to enter the realm of digital dentistry.

Key Features

Calibration Free Design

The AS 100 is the first scanner in the industry that eliminates the need for accuracy and shade calibration, ensuring a seamless and efficient scanning process.


The ScanPro software offers essential functions in a user-friendly interface. It includes tools for occlusal space check, undercut detection, and distance measurement, enabling you to acquire and edit digital impressions with confidence.

Compact and Lightweight

The AS 100 boasts a remarkably compact size and a lightweight design of just 198g, making it easy to maneuver during procedures.

Fast Scanning

The scanner is capable of completing a full-arch scan within 20 seconds, significantly reducing treatment time.

True Tone Capture

Advanced algorithms ensure that the colors captured by the scanner are true to life, resulting in digital impressions that closely match the patient's natural teeth.

Remote Control

The AS 100 offers a more hygienic workflow by allowing you to control the scanner remotely, eliminating the need to touch the computer during procedures.

Patient Engagement

The scanner's digital impressions can be used to provide patients with clear insight into their clinical conditions, helping to advocate for your treatment plan.


Handpiece Dimensions219 x 46 x 36 mm
Tip Size22 x 18 mm (L), 18.6 x 16.7 mm (S)
Full-arch Accuracy20 µm
AutoclavableUp to 60 times 121°C 30mins 134°C 4mins
Field of View16 x 14 mm (L), 12 x 12 mm (S)
Remote ControlYes
Capture ButtonDuo buttons
Power AdaptorNot needed

Calibration Free

About Alliedstar

Alliedstar Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 2019 in Shanghai, focuses on digital dentistry and imaging solutions. The core founding members bring profound understanding and know-how from the industry. Alliedstar aims to provide world-class products with exceptional quality and reliability to help dentists provide better care and build more smiles.

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