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Cross Linked 2 Acrylic Teeth - A1 - L

Cross Linked 2 Acrylic Teeth - A1 - L - PoliDent - POLKCL37.A1
Cross Linked 2 Acrylic Teeth - A1 - L
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  • Arch: Upper + Lower
  • Shade: A1

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Cross Linked 2 presents a premium range of two-layer acrylic teeth, designed to cater to the most demanding aesthetic and functional expectations. 100% developed, produced, and controlled in Slovenia, EU, these acrylic teeth set the benchmark for quality and reliability in prosthetic dentistry.

Key Characteristics

Developed and Produced in the EU

Cross Linked 2 teeth are entirely developed, produced, and quality-controlled in Slovenia, EU. This guarantees adherence to the strictest European standards for dental materials, ensuring optimal product quality and safety.

Consistent Color Stability

With a dedicated commitment to color stability from batch to batch, Cross Linked 2 ensures a perfect match for every patient, every time. This characteristic ensures the longevity of the aesthetic appeal of your restorations.

Heat Stability

Cross Linked 2 acrylic teeth demonstrate excellent heat stability. This characteristic enables them to maintain their shape, fit, and color even under varying oral temperature conditions, enhancing the durability of your restorations.

Internationally Licensed

Cross Linked 2 is not only licensed by the FDA but also by Health Canada. This double recognition serves as an additional assurance of its top-notch quality and safety, making it a reliable choice for dentists around the globe.

Upgrade your prosthetic dentistry practice with Cross Linked 2, the top-quality two-layer acrylic teeth, and provide your patients with restorations that combine excellent aesthetics with long-lasting durability.

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