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XGENUS X-Ray Unit - Mobile

Acteon - 5.90.22033
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XGENUS X-Ray Unit - Mobile
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properly protected against radiation leakage (according to IEC standard: less than 0,25 mGy/h at 1m, the real value is less than 0,1 mGy/h at 1 m) the high kV (70kV) and the accurate mA, produce an electron beam focused into a small focal spot (0,7mm): this provides a gray scale suitable to improve the reading of the radiography 12-inch (31cm) standard focus-skin distance that helps to maximize the use of the parallel technique. - with the short cone (optional) the distance is reduced to 8-inch (20cm) the xgenus® timer is a new design studied to satisfy the most recent hardware and software standards it is easy to read and very fast to set up. the exposure time charts are arranged for film speed types "D", "E", "F" and for the most part of digital imaging systems. visual and audible signals indicate that the x-ray exposure has been made it has the possibility to connect the red warning light (xgenus® light) outside the X-ray room it has the possibility to connect the exposure control button (with safety key) of the timer outside the-ray room (xgenus® exposure control button) the automatic self-test assures proper operation of all electronic functions (error codes immediately indicate any faults) the safety key is another way to prevent improper use of the unit when the system is switched off. it displays the line voltage and collect the operating data during the use (important feature for the system in ac) the pantograph arm assures smooth, accurate and firm control. It can be adjusted for 40cm, 80cm (standard), 110cm extender arms as well as for unit, ceiling and mobile the installation of the system is easy and very fast

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