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PAX-I2D Pan,Ceph (Panoramic X-Ray) 2D

Vatech - PCH-2500
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PAX-I2D Pan,Ceph (Panoramic X-Ray) 2D
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Superior Image Quality Optimal image for accurate diagnosis Two Built-in Sensors Specialized sensors for Pano & Ceph Streamlined workflow and prolonged lifespan of sensors Modern and Compact Design Raise design value of your clinic Save installation space in your clinicFunction Pano + Ceph Scan Time Pano : 13.5 sec (HD) / Normal 10.1 sec Ceph : Scan 12.94 sec / One-shot 0.9 sec Focal Spot 0.5 mm Tube Voltage / Current Pano : 50~90 Kvp / 4-10 mA Ceph FOV Size SC : 21x23cm (8.3x9.1") [LAT, PA, SMV, Water View, Carpus] 27x23cm (10.6x9.1") [Full LAT] OS : 23x25cm (9x10") [LAT, PA, SMV, Water View, Carpus] OP : 30x25cm (12x10") [LAT, PA, SMV, Water View, Carpus] Gray Scale 14 bit Patient Position Standing / Wheel-chair accessible

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