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Dental Surgical Hemostatic and Packing Materials

Dental hemostatic materials are substances that are used to control bleeding during dental procedures. Examples of these agents include ferric sulfate, aluminum chloride, and thrombin.

Surgical packing materials are used to control bleeding and promote healing after oral surgery. These materials can include gauze, collagen plugs, and absorbable gelatin sponges. They can be used in conjunction with hemostatic agents to control bleeding and promote clotting.

Dentists can find and buy dental Surgical Hemostatic and Packing Materials from SOUQ DENTAL in Saudi Arabia. We will ship your order within 24 hours.

Alvocure, Eugenol Impregnated Alveolar Dressing, Jar
Low Price
Brand: Prevest DenPro Model: 20302-1
  • Packing: Jar 15g
  • Use For: Alveolar Osteitis - Post Extraction Socket - Post Extraction Complications Prevention.
  • Material: Penghawar Djambi
Dry socket treatment. Hemostatic Antiseptic..
100.00 SR
Ex Tax:100.00 SR
ROEKO Gelatamp, 14x7x7 mm, PK/20
Top Quality
Brand: Coltene Model: 1149-213
  • Packing: 20x Pieces
  • Use For: Stop Minor Bleeding
  • Material: Colloidal Silver
  • Viscosity: Sponge Plug
• For the prophylaxis of wound infections and secondary haemorrhaging • The only gelatine sponge with colloidal silver • Haemostatic and antibacterial..
65.00 SR
Ex Tax:65.00 SR
Brand: Aegis Lifesciences Model: FD-AG01
SURGISPON® is a sterile hemostatic absorbable gelatin sponge, predominantly used in surgical settings for its effective blood-absorbing capabilities. This product is crafted from pure pharmaceutical gelatine, essentially lyophilized hydrolyzed collagen, which ensures its high-quality and uniformity...
42.00 SR
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