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Dental Teeth Floss Products

Dentists and dental technicians can find and buy dental Teeth Floss from SOUQ DENTAL in Saudi Arabia. We will ship your order within 24 hours.
Dental Floss, Waxed Nylon, Plastic Dispenser, Spool/25m
Top Quality
Brand: PD Model: 66112
Thin, shred-resistant, lightly waxed dental floss particularly effective in very tight contacts between teeth and under the gumline. Specially designed and manufactured to give durability and spreadability to disrupt biofilm deposits and carry them away...
140.00 SR
Ex Tax:140.00 SR
Dental Threader, PK/10
Low Price
Brand: Layan Model: UL0029
Nylone threaders Conventient for orthodontics Recommended by dental professionals to clean between braces, bridges and teeth..
4.00 SR
Ex Tax:4.00 SR
Waxed Nylon Dental Floss, Mint Flavor, 50m Pack
Low Price
Brand: Layan Model: UL0005
Dental Floss Waxed with mint New Material Extra PTEE floss (Easy Glide Floss)..
8.00 SR
Ex Tax:8.00 SR
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