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Consepsis Single Syringe 1.2ml

Consepsis Single Syringe 1.2ml - Ultradent - 687-1
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Consepsis Single Syringe 1.2ml
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The Consepsis Single Syringe 1.2ml contains a 2% chlorhexidine gluconate antibacterial solution. This solution is specifically formulated without emollients, which could otherwise interfere with bond strength in dental applications​​.


  • Endodontic Disinfection: It is recommended for procedural endodontic disinfection, particularly as a final rinse before canal obturation and prior to pulp capping​​.

  • Post-Operative Care: The solution is designed to minimize post-operative pulpitis and sensitivity by effectively cleaning and disinfecting the preparation area before sealing and restoration​​.
  • Restoration Preservation: Dental professionals use Consepsis to preserve restorations and reduce the potential for post-operative sensitivity​​.

Usage Instructions

  • Application Method: It can be applied using the 1.2ml prefilled syringes, offering ease of use and precise application. The syringe should ideally be held in the palm of the hand for optimal control during application​​.

  • Preparation Etching: The surfaces to be bonded should be etched before applying the Consepsis solution​​.


  • Consepsis V: A viscous formulation of the Consepsis 2% chlorhexidine solution, ideal for cases where more control than a liquid is desired. It's particularly useful as an antibacterial agent in the canal between dental appointments​​.


The Consepsis Single Syringe 1.2ml is a versatile and effective solution for various dental procedures, especially in endodontics. Its formulation without emollients enhances bond strength, making it suitable for pre- and post-operative applications. The prefilled syringe format ensures ease of use and precision, contributing to improved patient outcomes by reducing post-operative sensitivity and aiding in infection control. The availability of a viscous variant (Consepsis V) broadens its application range, particularly in situations requiring more controlled application.

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