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+27C Copper NiTi Lower Large Archwire 016

+27C Copper NiTi Lower Large Archwire 016 - Ormco - 205-0047
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+27C Copper NiTi Lower Large Archwire 016
165.00 SR
Ex Tax: 165.00 SR
  • Material: Copper NiTi
  • Size: 016
  • Use For: Lower
  • Packing: 10x Pieces

Delivery Before  28/04/2024 Sun

Super Elasticity Copper NiTi wires contain the alloy combination that allows for early engagement, without deformation, while also providing the continuous, gentle unloading forces that have been optimized for alignment. - 27°C Super-Elastic Copper NiTi Generates constant unloading forces that can result in rapid tooth movement. The loading force is less that other super-elastic wires because of the low hysteresis unique to the copper alloy, while the unloading forces are comparable to traditional super-elastic nickel titanium wires.

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