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Osteotome - Locking Device

Osteotome - Locking Device - Medesy - 1307-Stop
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Osteotome - Locking Device
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Double lock device Used during dental osteotomy for shaping and condensing bone, typically when performing a dental implant surgical procedure. it is hand-held by the dentist who will use a surgical mallet or hammer to manually impart an impacting force to the proximal end of the instrument. Can have a straight or bayonet-shaped handle leading to a pointed, round or concave tip at the distal end, which may be marked with graduations to indicate depth differences. Used for ridge expanding, bone condensing and sinus floor elevation procedures. For the lateral bone condensation with rounded tip to minimise the risk of perforation of the Schneiderian membrane. Special bayonet shape for sinus elevation procedures in the lateral upper jaw region or in difficult-to-access maxillary areas.

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