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Dental Soap and Skin Cleansers Products

Dentists and dental technicians can find and buy dental Soap and Skin Cleansers from SOUQ DENTAL in Saudi Arabia. We will ship your order within 24 hours.
Brand: HAMAYA Model: 1111-071
Directions for use: For hygienic hand disinfection. rub one full pump measure of gel into clean hands. Allow to evaporate. Valley gel Hand disinfeclont gel con be used straight from the dispenser bottleComposition: Ethanol 70-803 v/v + Glycerin 1% w/w+ Fruit perfume oil 0.063 w/v +Vitamin E 0.023..
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Brand: HAMAYA Model: 1111-026
PURPOSE OF USE Valley medical hand washing liquid is an antibacterial hand wash with long lasting fragrance. It Effectively cleans your hands leaving them Feeling soft, gentle and healthy.• Kills More than 99% of most germs • Convenient and refreshing..
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Ex Tax:70.00 SR
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