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Elite Electric Motor

Apple - E1
Apple - E1
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Apple - E1
Apple - E1
Elite Electric Motor
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1. By pressing the "SET" key to select the matching handpiece transmission ratio

2. Rotor Speed can be adjusted

3. You can change the direction of motor

4. Program can be set according to individual usage archive


  • Input voltage: AC 240V
  • The Output voltage: DC 32V 4A(MAX)
  • Output Power: 130W(MAX)


  • Rated voltage: OC32V
  • Maximum torque: 3N/cm
  • range of rotation: 2000 • 40000 / min

• Cooling air pressure:O.OSMPa .. 0.3MPa

• Cooling water pressure:0.2MPa

• Sterilization temperature:134°C

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