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Microcut Refill, Diamond Strips

Microcut Refill, Diamond Strips - TDV - 3031
Microcut Refill, Diamond Strips
70.00 SR
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  • Width: Universal
  • Grit: Medium
  • Packing: 5x Piece

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Step into the future of dentistry with Microcut, a sophisticated manual dental instrument designed to enhance the precision and ease of your dental procedures. This revolutionary tool combines the robustness of a metal hack-saw frame with the versatility of interchangeable saw blades and diamond strips, offering a one-stop solution for various dental applications. From removing excess composites and adhesives to performing intricate orthodontic slices, Microcut serves as a trusted companion in your dental practice.

Embrace the Precision of Microcut

Microcut, equipped with a finely crafted saw blade of just 0.05mm thickness, is your key to unlocking effortless access to the challenging interproximal regions. Say goodbye to the struggle of reaching difficult spaces, as this ultra-thin blade navigates these areas with ease, enabling efficient removal of excess composites, adhesives, and cements.

Experience the Versatility of Diamond Strips

The Microcut's diamond strips further elevate its functionality, providing seamless access to interproximal regions. Their utilization extends beyond simple access - these versatile strips are designed for executing precise orthodontic slices, and for the meticulous finishing and polishing of the region. With Microcut, you have the freedom to perform diverse procedures with one single tool, enhancing your efficiency and productivity.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Precision-engineered saw blade of 0.05mm thickness for easy access to interproximal regions
  • Versatile diamond strips for a multitude of applications including orthodontic slices and polishing
  • Durable metal hack-saw frame that promises longevity and consistent performance
  • Elimination of the need for multiple tools, offering convenience and cost-effectiveness

Microcut is more than a dental instrument - it's a game-changer. Experience the benefits yourself and redefine the standards of your dental practice. Trust in Microcut's uncompromising quality and superior performance to empower you in delivering exceptional dental care.

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