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AUTOCLAVE E8, 24 Litres, Class B

AUTOCLAVE E8, 24 Litres, Class B - Euronda - 115725
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AUTOCLAVE E8, 24 Litres, Class B
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The Euronda E8 autoclave embodies the pinnacle of sterilization technology. It offers a seamless blend of power, efficiency, and design, optimized for the modern dental practice.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Display: A soft-touch color display with polycarbonate screen protection for durability.
  • Cycle Variety: Choice of 5 different B cycles, along with N and S type cycles for comprehensive sterilization needs.
  • E-Timer: Schedule tests and cycles to start at your convenience.
  • Traceability System: Save data directly to an SD Card and integrate with two different printer types.
  • Inspection® System: Simplifies the cleaning process to ensure quick and efficient maintenance.
  • Water Quality Monitoring: Conductivity meter to ensure the purity of water used in sterilization.
  • Dirt Control System: Directs impurities away from the water system, maintaining the autoclave’s integrity.


ClassificationMedical Device Class IIb
StandardsEN13060, PED 2014/68/EC
Chamber Capacity24 L
Weight48 Kg
External Dimensions460 x 455 x 610 mm
Power Consumption2300 W, 10 A
Water Consumption300 ml
CE Type RefE8 24L

Design & Ergonomics:

  • Elegant & Compact: The autoclave sports a modern design with a muted grey front panel.
  • Space-Saving: Designed to fit conveniently within the dental practice environment.
  • User-Friendly: Effortless installation and operation, tailored for dental professionals’ ease.

Performance & Reliability:

  • Efficient: Low power and water consumption with adaptive cycle length.
  • Consistent: Delivers reliable sterilization results time after time.
  • Longevity: Built to last, ensuring a sustainable investment.

Innovative Systems:

  • Air-Water Separator: Protects the vacuum pump from contaminants, ensuring optimal operation.
  • Support Software: Assists technicians with installation, diagnostics, and maintenance for sustained peak performance.

Autoclave E8 Kit Accessories:

  • Drainage Pipes: Essential for the maintenance and operation of the autoclave.
  • Sponge: For cleaning and upkeep of the autoclave chamber.
  • Tray Removal Handle: Aids in the safe and easy removal of hot trays.
  • Door Adjustment Handle: Ensures the door is sealed and secured properly.
  • Funnel: To facilitate the filling and drainage of water without spillage.

E-Memory Software

  • Latest Generation Software: For comprehensive storage, management, and traceability.
  • PC Integration: Directly connects to a PC for complete cycle and data documentation.
  • User-friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use by dental professionals for efficient practice management.

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