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Root Apex Locator, C-ROOT I (III)

Root Apex Locator, C-ROOT I (III) - COXO - C-Root-I(III
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Root Apex Locator, C-ROOT I (III)
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  • Type: Apex Locating Device

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The C-Root III Apex Locator is a sophisticated dental instrument designed for precise root canal measurements. This device utilizes dual-frequency measuring technology, ensuring high accuracy irrespective of the root canal conditions. It is an essential tool for endodontic treatments, offering both functionality and convenience to dental professionals.

Key Features

  1. Dual-Frequency Measuring Technology: Ensures accurate measurements, unaffected by the presence of electrolytes, blood, or saline in the root canal.
  2. High Precision: Offers measurements with a precision of 0.1 mm.
  3. Large LCD Display: Provides real-time graphical representation of the root canal for easy interpretation.
  4. Environment-Resistant Measurements: Delivers consistent accuracy in various root conditions, whether dry or wet.
  5. Adjustable Sonar Alarm: Alerts when approaching the narrow zone of the apex, with volume control for the alarm.
  6. Self-Calibration: Auto-checks and calibrates data upon startup to maintain operational precision.
  7. Customizable Apex Zone: Allows the practitioner to adjust the narrow zone setting as per clinical requirements.
  8. Sterilizable Accessories: Includes autoclavable file holder and contrary electrode, preventing cross-infection.
  9. Energy-Efficient Design: Features long battery life and an auto power shut-off mechanism.

Technical Specifications

  • Adapter Working Voltage: DC 7.5V
  • Battery: Requires 3 x 1.5V AAA batteries
  • Display: Color TFT-LCD
  • Dimensions: 130mm x 102mm x 34mm
  • Weight: 900g
  • Power Consumption: <0.05W
  • Static Current: >10uA


  • Accuracy and Reliability: The C-Root III's advanced technology ensures precise measurements, critical for successful root canal treatments.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The large LCD display and real-time graphics make it easier for dentists to interpret root canal measurements.
  • Hygienic Practice: The autoclavable components help maintain a sterile environment, essential for patient safety.
  • Cost-Effective: With its durable design, energy-efficient operation, and self-calibrating features, the C-Root III is a worthwhile investment for dental practices focused on endodontics.
  • Customizable Settings: The ability to adjust sonar alarm volume and the apex zone offers flexibility, catering to diverse treatment scenarios.

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