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Root Apex Locator, C-ROOT I (III)

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Root Apex Locator, C-ROOT I (III)
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  • Type: Apex Locating Device
Technical: Adaptor working voltage: voltage:DC7.5V Battery:7scales battery Display: color TFT-LCD Volume(cm): 20.5X18X10 Weight 900g Features: 1-Adopt the m dual-trequency measure technology. dispiaywith large LCD. 2-Measuring will not be effeted by envionment, no materthe ootis dry or full of elecrolyteblood or normal can measure precisely. 3-Manity the apex zone, display with u scales. precision can reach o.1 mm. 4-Number and scales display the detecting position synchronously. 5-With sonar alarm when it is In narrow zone, and the sonarvolume can bY regulated. 6-Auto- check when starls up. calibrate the data previously,remain the operation precision. 7-the narrow zone of apex can De regulatedby lhe doctotififs needed. 8-Long power consumpfion desin. super long using ime. powersuppiledby No.7 batery. wih scales bottery indalonn-9-the acessories can be sterilized with high temperature prevent the patients from cross infection

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