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RisKontrol Art Flavored Tip, Aniseed, PK/250

RisKontrol Art Flavored Tip, Aniseed, PK/250 - Acteon - 201703
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RisKontrol Art Flavored Tip, Aniseed, PK/250
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RisKontrol Art Flavored Tips are a unique type of disposable and flexible tips designed for use with a multi-function syringe in dental procedures. These tips come with the added advantage of being flavored, in this case, aniseed. They are known for providing total protection against direct or cross-contamination during dental procedures, ensuring both patient and practitioner safety.

Design and Features:

The RisKontrol Art Flavored Tips are made from entirely recyclable food-quality plastic and are designed to fit perfectly onto the adapter of a multi-function syringe. Each tip includes two separate tubes that guide air and water from the syringe to the end of the tip. This design ensures the delivery of totally dry air when needed, which is crucial for specific dental procedures like cementing or operations requiring a completely dry surface.

The tips have a unique grip for easy setup and removal, and their flexible nature allows them to be easily bent for optimal positioning during dental procedures​​​​.

Packaging and Usage:

The product comes in a pack of 250, making it a practical choice for busy dental practices. The RisKontrol tips are intended for single-use, which significantly reduces the risk of contamination between patients. They feature a rounded end for enhanced patient comfort.

Additionally, the RISKONTROL adapter, which these tips attach to, is designed to be screwed or clipped onto the syringe of the dental unit and remains in place, with only the tips being changed between each patient. This design simplifies the process and enhances the efficiency of dental procedures​​.


The RisKontrol Art Flavored Tips, particularly the aniseed variety, offer several advantages for dental practices. Their unique design and features, including the flavoring, enhance patient comfort and experience. The dual-tube system for air and water delivery ensures dry air supply, which is vital for certain dental procedures.

The single-use nature of these tips, coupled with their easy-to-change design, significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination, thereby increasing patient safety. In sum, RisKontrol Art Flavored Tips are a practical, hygienic, and patient-friendly choice for dental practitioners, contributing to both procedural efficiency and improved patient care.

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