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DeOx Viscous Oxygen Barrier Solution

DeOx Viscous Oxygen Barrier Solution - Ultradent - 238
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DeOx Viscous Oxygen Barrier Solution
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  • Packing: 4x Syringe 1.2ml + 4x Micro 20G Tips

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Composition & Appearance:

  • Type: Barrier Solution
  • Base: Glycerin
  • Consistency: Viscous
  • Appearance: Clear


  • Primary Use: Prevents formation of an oxygen inhibition layer during the polymerization of resin materials.


  • Application Areas: Ideal for areas where composite or luting cement is contoured close to final dimensions.
  • Benefits: Prevents negative voids or contour inaccuracies by allowing precise removal of luting resins before curing, thereby reducing excess cured composite or cement.


  1. Restoration Placement: Apply DeOx after placing but before curing composite restorations or luting.
  2. Application: Use a syringe with a Luer Lock cap and disposable tip for application.
  3. Coverage: Ensure complete coverage of exposed resin, focusing on margins and embrasures.
  4. Curing: Follow manufacturer’s instructions for polymerization.
  5. Removal: Excess solution can be removed using air/water spray.

Precautions & Warnings:

  • Professional Use: Intended strictly for professional dental use.
  • Allergy Precautions: Not suitable for patients with sensitivity to ingredients.
  • Expiration Date: Adherence to the expiration date is crucial.
  • Disposable Tips: Single-use to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Syringe Handling: Requires disposable covers and disinfectant wiping, or consider as single-use.


      • Problem Addressed: DeOx effectively resolves issues related to the oxygen inhibition layer that can affect the integrity and aesthetics of resin-based dental restorations.
      • Benefits for Dentists: Simplifies the finishing process of restorations by allowing better control over the final contours and reducing the need for extensive post-curing adjustments.
      • Patient Impact: Ensures higher quality and durability of restorations, improving patient satisfaction with the final outcome.
      • Usage Efficiency: Its precise application method and clear instructions make it a user-friendly solution, enhancing procedural efficiency in dental practices.

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