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Dental Glycerin Gel

A dental glycerin gel barrier is a type of oral care product that is used to create a physical barrier between the gums and the teeth in order to protect the gums from irritation and injury. It is a clear, thick gel that is applied directly to the gums, often before dental procedures such as tooth extraction, scaling or root planning.

The glycerin in the gel helps to moisturize the gums and reduce discomfort, while the physical barrier helps to protect the gums from the trauma of dental instruments. The barrier can also help reduce bleeding during the procedure.

Dental glycerin gel barriers are often used in conjunction with other oral care products such as fluoride gels and mouth rinses, and may also be recommended for use at home to promote healing and comfort after dental procedures.

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DeOx Viscous Oxygen Barrier Solution
Top Quality
Brand: Ultradent Model: 238
  • Packing: 4x Syringe 1.2ml + 4x Micro 20G Tips
Composition & Appearance:Type: Barrier Solution Base: Glycerin Consistency: Viscous Appearance: ClearFunction:Primary Use: Prevents formation of an oxygen inhibition layer during the polymerization of resin materials.Indications:Application Areas: Ideal for..
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