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ChemFil Rock, Glass Ionomer Filling, Capsules, A4-O Refill

Dentsply Sirona - 60606594
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ChemFil Rock, Glass Ionomer Filling, Capsules, A4-O Refill
641.00 SR
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  • Shade: A4 Opaque
  • Curing: Self-Cure
  • Packing: 40x Pieces
ChemFil Rock from Dentsply Sirona is a zinc-reinforced Glass Ionomer restorative, with great handling and superior durability.ChemFil Rock’s new and unique formulation is a big step forward in Glass Ionomer technology, allowing the material to be non-sticky, packable, sculptable and at the same time have a higher strength, fracture toughness and increased wear resistance.The reactive filler glass in ChemFil Rock has been modified with Zinc, leading to an improved maturing process, allowing earlier build-up to strength and higher resistance to fractures.CHARACTERISTICS: Resistance to fracture and wear Marginal seal in dentin and enamel comparable with composites Self-adhesive to enamel and dentin Releases fluoride Packable, non-sticky and sculptable consistency Bulk placement and self-cure setting High contrast to tooth substance through high opacity Effective capsule application with ergonomic applicator

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