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Cica, Etching Gel 35%, Syringe

Cica, Etching Gel 35%, Syringe - Promedica - 2429
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Cica, Etching Gel 35%, Syringe
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  • Viscosity: Gel
  • Material: 35% Phosphoric Acid
  • Use For: Enamel/Dentin
  • Packing: Syringe 5ml

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INDICATIONS: Cica is intended to etch only that part of the enamel and of the dentine (in total-etch-technique), which will be covered by a composite material: in case of composite fillings in case of adhesive fixing of Maryland bridges, inlays, brackets and temporary splinting in case of sealing for caries prophylaxis in case of linings to create a fixed bond ADVANTAGES: Contains 35% phosphoric acid Good visibility due to the blue colour Thick consistency of the gel for a punctual and exact application Syringe for direct application

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