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NANOFILL Composite Flowable Refill, Shade A3.5

Bisico - 74070
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NANOFILL Composite Flowable Refill, Shade A3.5
160.00 SR
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  • Type: Nano Composite
  • Tooth: Anterior + Posterior
  • Class: Flowable
  • Shade: A3.5
  • Packing: Syringe 2g
Based on nanotechnology, NANOFILL flow is a free-flowing, light-curing filling material for cavities of classes III to V. The optimal flowing properties along with its high filling ratio, the low polymerisation shrinkage, the high resistance to abrasion and bending, as well as the exact colour matching ensured by NANOFILL are the most important properties NANOFILL flow is known for.

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