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Tetric N-Ceram Refill Syringe A1

Tetric N-Ceram Refill Syringe A1 - Ivoclar Vivadent - 604025AN
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Tetric N-Ceram Refill Syringe A1
120.00 SR
Ex Tax: 120.00 SR
  • Type: Nano-Hybrid
  • Tooth: Anterior + Posterior
  • Class: Universal
  • Shade: A1
  • Packing: Syringe 3.5g

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Tetric N-Ceram is a light-curing, radiopaque nano-hybrid composite based on nano-optimized technology for direct restorative procedures.It can be universally applied to restore teeth in the anterior and posterior region. Its nano-optimized filler technology is responsible for the material’s unique chameleon effect and natural esthetic results. Tetric N-Ceram demonstrates an exceptionally high level of radiopacity and thus significantly facilitates the diagnosis of secondary caries.

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