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Grandio Flowable Composite, A3.5, Syringe

Grandio Flowable Composite, A3.5, Syringe - VOCO - 1866
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Grandio Flowable Composite, A3.5, Syringe
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  • Type: Nano-Hybrid
  • Tooth: Anterior + Posterior
  • Class: Flowable
  • Shade: A3.5
  • Packing: 2x Syringe 2g
Flowable universal nano-hybrid restorative materialIndications: Filling minimally invasive cavities of all classes Filling small class I cavities and extended fissure sealing Filling class II - V cavieties including V-shaped defects and cervical caries Blocking out of undercuts Lining or coating cavities Restorations class II to V Repairing fillings and veneers Luting of translucent prosthetic pieces (e.g. full ceramic crowns, etc.)Advantages: Optimal flowability High filler content of 80 % w/w Exact shade match to Grandio Excellent wetting properties Microhybrid composite – like physical properties Significantly lower polymerisation shrinkage than conventional flowables Very good abrasion resistance High transverse strength Can be used with all conventional bonding agents The shades BL (Bleach light) and WO (White opaque) fulfil special indications: Bleach light is suited for bleached teeth and for use in paediatric dentistry. The shade White opaque makes an ideal restoration base on e.g. discoloured Dentin areas and in core build-up.Grandio Flow in the NDT-syringe: NDT means non-dripping-technology Especially for fine-flowing materials Can be dosed and applied precisely Without any loss of material

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