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Empress Direct Refill Syringe BL-XL Dentin

Empress Direct Refill Syringe BL-XL Dentin - Ivoclar Vivadent - 627231AN
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Empress Direct Refill Syringe BL-XL Dentin
393.00 SR
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  • Type: Nano-Hybrid
  • Tooth: Anterior
  • Class: Universal
  • Shade: Bleach Dentin
  • Packing: Syringe 3g

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IPS Empress Direct is a highly esthetic composite for filling cavities in anterior and posterior teeth. It is available in five different translucency levels. Therefore, different types of anatomical features can be faithfully reproduced.Advantages: Lifelike shades for natural looking restorations Easy application of shade nuances with Trans Opal Long-lasting esthetics results Convenient handling for sophisticated requirements Clever mastery of demanding restorationsIndications: Anterior restorations (classes III and IV) Posterior restorations (classes I and II) Tooth neck restorations (class V, e.g. cervical caries, root erosion, wedge-shape defects) Correction of tooth position and tooth shape (e.g. diastema closure, closure of interdental triangles, lengthening of the incisal edge) Direct veneers

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