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Dental Color Modifier Products

It is a line of dental materials that are used to adjust the color and shade of dental composites, color modifiers includes a range of shades and hues, which can be used to match the color of the tooth being restored as closely as possible.

These modifiers are typically added to the composite resin or other dental material before it is applied to the tooth. They can also be used to adjust the shade of an already placed composite restoration.

Dentists and dental technicians can find and buy dental Color Modifier from SOUQ DENTAL in Saudi Arabia. We will ship your order within 24 hours.

GC Essentia, Composite Shade Modifier Kit
Top Quality 7 Days Delivery
Brand: GC Model: 900982
Your restorative choices become even wider with the four modifiers, designed to quickly characterise your restorations: to create a halo effect on the incisal border with the Opalescent Modifier (left) or to characterise fissures in posterior with the Red Brown Modifier (right).• 4 Syringes: RBM, ..
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GC Modelling Liquid, Refill Bottle 6ml
Top Quality 7 Days Delivery
Brand: GC Model: 012244
Modeling liquid is designed to enhance the application, spread, and shaping of composite materials in direct restorations. When used with a GC brush, it facilitates the distribution of composites in the restoration area, aiding in achieving excellent morphology and a smooth surface finish.Applicat..
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