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Bifluorid 10, Fluoride Varnish for Hypersensitivity, Single Dose

Bifluorid 10, Fluoride Varnish for Hypersensitivity, Single Dose - VOCO - 1618
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Bifluorid 10, Fluoride Varnish for Hypersensitivity, Single Dose
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  • Type: Nano-Filled
  • Fluoride: Yes
  • Curing: Self-Cure
  • Packing: 50x Single Dose

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Bifluorid 10 is a uniquely formulated fluoride varnish designed to treat and protect against dental hypersensitivity. This varnish combines sodium and calcium fluoride to provide both immediate desensitization and long-term protection of the teeth.


  • Sodium Fluoride: 5% (22,600 ppm fluoride)
  • Calcium Fluoride: 5%
  • Varnish Base: Special formulation for enhanced long-term effect
  • Other: Colophony-free composition


  • Exposed cervical areas and crown margins
  • Post-cleaning sensitivity
  • Prepared tooth surfaces for restoration
  • Protection under amalgam fillings and around brackets
  • Sealing after etching and restorative procedures


  • Immediate relief from hypersensitivity
  • Protective coat against thermal and mechanical stress
  • Maintains tooth color with a transparent finish
  • Economical usage with high yield from a 4g bottle
  • Quick-drying and easy application

Mode of Action:

  • NaF reacts with saliva and dentinal fluid to form CaF2.
  • CaF2 deposits in tooth substance and tubules for sustained fluoridation.
  • Promotes conversion of hydroxyl apatite to fluorapatite, reinforcing enamel.


  • Suitable for use during and post whitening treatments.
  • Ideal after professional cleaning to replenish natural fluoride.
  • Adheres well to enamel and dentine, with lasting effects in vulnerable areas.

Application Table:

Dentine HypersensitivityApply Bifluorid 10Immediate desensitisation
Post-Cleaning SensitivityApply Bifluorid 10Protects and replenishes fluoride
After Restorative ProceduresApply Bifluorid 10Seals and protects enamel

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