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Variolink Esthetic LC System Kit

Variolink Esthetic LC System Kit - Ivoclar Vivadent - 681164AN
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Variolink Esthetic LC System Kit
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  • Type: Luting Cement
  • Shade: Assorted
  • Curing: Light-Cure
  • Packing: 3x Syringe 2g + 3x Try-in + N-Bond + Monobond + N-Etch + Access.

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Variolink Esthetic is a state-of-the-art luting composite, designed for the adhesive cementation of indirect dental restorations. This dual-cure system caters to a broad spectrum of dental materials, delivering both versatility and esthetic excellence.

Features and Benefits:


  • Dual Application: Suitable for both light-curing and dual-curing procedures.
  • Material Compatibility: Works with lithium disilicate, glass-ceramic, composite resin, zirconium oxide, and metal restorations.

Esthetic Excellence:

  • Shade Range: Offers a concise Effect shade range to achieve natural-looking results.
  • Shade Stability: Patented Ivocerin light initiator ensures consistent color integrity, resisting changes due to light or moisture.
  • Margin Quality: Exhibits superior wear resistance for durable margins.

User Experience:

  • Handling: Flexible consistency for easy application.
  • Excess Removal: Tack-curing feature allows for straightforward excess cleanup.
  • Radiopacity: High radiopacity enables clear visualization for adjustments and diagnosis.
  • Cohesive Integration: Products are developed to work in unison, from adhesives like Adhese Universal to primers like Monobond Plus.


  • LC Variant: For cementation of glass-ceramic, lithium disilicate, and composite restorations less than 2mm in thickness with adequate translucency.
  • DC Variant: Suitable for a broader range of restorative materials, including zirconium oxide and metals.


  • Esthetic Outcome: Ensures lifelike fluorescence and color matching.
  • Precise Application: Optimized for flowability and stability during placement.
  • Diagnostic Clarity: Excellent radiographic visibility aids in the detection of secondary caries and excess material.

Kit Components:

  • Light, Neutral, Warm Shades: Available in 2g syringes to match various restoration needs.
  • Assorted Shades: Light, Neutral, and Warm in 1.7g syringes to test the color before final cementation.
  • Tetric N-Bond Universal: 2g pen for universal bonding.
  • Monobond N: 5g for reliable bond strength to restorative surfaces.
  • Liquid Strip: 2.5g for gingival protection during curing.
  • N-Etch Syringe: 2g for precise etching.
  • VivaPen Brush Cannulas: Pack of 30 for accurate application.
  • Application Tips and Brushes: 20 tips and 50 soft brushes for precise and controlled application.


For optimal results, follow the specific instructions for each component within the Variolink Esthetic system, ensuring proper preparation, application, and curing.

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