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BISICO CEM DC White Opaque 5ml

Bisico - 75242
Bisico - 75242
Top Quality 30 Days Delivery
Bisico - 75242
Bisico - 75242
BISICO CEM DC White Opaque 5ml
220.00 SR
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  • Category: Cement
  • Brand: Bisico
  • Model: BI-75242
  • Stock: 30 Days Delivery
  • Type: Luting Cement
  • Shade: White Opaque
  • Curing: Dual-Cure
ISICO Cem DC is a dual-curing, fine-flowing micro hybrid composite material to be used for the permanent fixing of crowns, bridges, inlays and endodontic posts made of carbon fibres and glass fibres.
BISICO Cem DC is extremely radiopaque and shows a relative high filling material ratio as well as a high mechanical strength. Its colour stability is very high. The shade A3 (according to Vita) is adapted to the natural tooth colour.

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