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Biner LC, Cavity Liner, Syringe

Biner LC, Cavity Liner, Syringe - Meta Biomed - MT087
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Biner LC, Cavity Liner, Syringe
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  • Type: Calcium Hydroxide
  • Function: Cavity Lining - Total-Etch Protection - Pulp Protection
  • Curing: Light-Cure
  • Packing: 2x Syringe 2g

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Light curing type cavity liner

· Protect pulp of the tooth
· Lining under all filling materials
· Protection when applying the total etch technique

· Hydroxy calcium phosphate, UDMA, Photoinitator
· Barium aluminium silicate

· Excellent biocompatibilty with dentin and pulp
· Light curin type cavity liner, cure extremely hard
· Chemically bonds to adhesives and composites
· Contains calcium hydroxy phosphaste
· Releases calcium, hydroxyl, phosphate and fluoride ions.
· Fluoride releasing
· Insoluable in water and oral fluids
· Radiopacity
· Flow-on-demand handling and easy dispensing

Physical Properties:
Flexural strength- More than 100 MPa
Sensitivity to ambient light- Homogeneous for 60s
Linear Expansion- 2~3 %
Radiopacity- Yes
Depth of cure (40s)- 5mm

· Biner LC 2g X 2 Syringes
· 10ea disposable tips

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