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DentoCrown, A1 Temporary Crown & Bridge Cartridge

DentoCrown, A1 Temporary Crown & Bridge Cartridge - ITENA - DWNHD50-A1
DentoCrown, A1 Temporary Crown & Bridge Cartridge
240.00 SR
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  • Shade: A1
  • Curing: Self-Cure
  • Packing: Cartridge 50ml + Mixing Tips

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Discover the exceptional performance of our self-curing resin, designed specifically for the creation of temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays. This innovative dental material boasts remarkable mechanical properties, ensuring long-term reliability and stability for your restorations.

Key Features and Benefits DentoCrown 

  • Exceptional Mechanical Properties:
    Our self-curing resin offers excellent compressive and flexural strength, reducing the risk of fracture and maintaining material stability during chewing.
  • Tooth-like Hardness:
    This resin replicates the natural hardness of teeth, ensuring a comfortable and functional restoration.
  • Low Polymerization Shrinkage:
    With just 2.7% shrinkage at 10 minutes, our self-curing resin provides a superior marginal fit and dimensional stability, ensuring the perfect maintenance of the provisional tooth during the creation of the final restoration.
  • Natural Aesthetic:
    Achieve a natural-looking restoration thanks to the smooth, shiny surface of this self-curing resin, which offers high color stability, natural tooth fluorescence, and shades closely matching the Vita shade system.
  • Low Exothermic Reaction:
    Our self-curing resin is designed to protect pulpal tissue from chemical, physical, bacterial, and thermal stimuli or injuries, ensuring increased patient comfort during the restoration process.
  • Easy Polishing and Finishing:
    The self-curing resin's surface can be quickly and easily polished and finished, providing a high-quality result with minimal effort.
  • Fast Setting Time:
    With a complete setting time of just 4 minutes, our self-curing resin offers a time-efficient solution for temporary dental restorations.
  • Easy Removal:
    The elasticity of our self-curing resin ensures effortless removal when it's time to replace the temporary restoration with the final one.

Upgrade your dental practice with our self-curing resin, the ultimate solution for creating high-quality, reliable temporary crowns and bridges. Experience the difference in performance, durability, and patient satisfaction with this cutting-edge dental material.

Packing: 1x Dentocrown cartridge (50 ml) + 10 mixing tips

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