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Order COXO dental manufacturer products from the official distributor on SOUQ DENTAL
C-BLADE Gutta Percha Cutter, Wireless
499 SAR
Brand: COXO
In Stock
Technical: *Heating time:≥2s *Working temperature:16O°C *Heat plungerF,FM,M,ML Features: 1-Dou..
C-BRIGHT Teeth Whitening Accelerators Unit
4,500 SAR
Brand: COXO
In Stock
Feature:1-new-style structure and unique form, compact and elegance2-Double handles. drug type arm,m..
C-Smart Mini Contra Angle 1:1 Head (Attachment)
650 SAR
Brand: COXO
Code: CM11
In Stock
Contra Angel Handpiece, 1:1, External Spray, CX235C1
300 SAR
Brand: COXO
Code: C1-2
In Stock
*1:1 Direct drive contra angle *Chuck type: Wrench or push button *Water spray: external *Bur app..
CX235-3F, Airmotor External Spray without Light
500 SAR
Brand: COXO
Code: M-3F-4
In Stock
Low speed air motor 1:1 direct drive water Spray : External Rotation speed: 20,000rpm..
Deluxe Dental Microscope
59,000 SAR
Brand: COXO
Code: C-CLEAR 2
In Stock
Technical: 1. Optical system: Apochromatic optical system 2. Zoom range: gears zoom, 3. 2x/5x/8x/1..
Endodontic Obturation System, C-FILL mini
4,999 SAR
Brand: COXO
Code: C-Fill mini
In Stock
Technical: C-FILL mini P type Battery: 3.7V 2000mAH Heating time: 4S(With heat protection function, ..
Fiber Optic Endo Motor with Apex Locator, C-Smart-I PRO
4,750 SAR
Brand: COXO
Code: C-Smart-I PRO
In Stock
* Adjustable torque [6-52mN.m] * 5 setting for adjustable rotational speed rangin..
High Speed Fiber Optic Handpiece, 4 Holes, Standard Head
450 SAR
Brand: COXO
Code: H15-SP
In Stock
* 3 way spray * Chuck type push button * Bulb: LED light Noise * ≤70dB Air pressure at the back e..
High Speed Handpiece, 4 Holes, 1 Spray, Standard Head
350 SAR
Brand: COXO
Code: H14-SP
In Stock
High speed handpiece: 1 way spray air spray Cuck type: push button Noise: ≤68dB Air pressure at t..
High Speed Handpiece, 4 Holes, 3 Spray, Standard Head
375 SAR
Brand: COXO
Code: H17-SP
In Stock
* 3 way spray * Chuck type push button * ≤70dB Air pressure at the back end of HP: 0.25-0.27MPA ..
LATTE LED Curing Light Battery Replacement
200 SAR
Brand: COXO
Code: DB686-Batt
In Stock
Feature 1. High power LED,purely dental blue light 2. Digital display, adjustable work time 3...
LATTE LED Curing Light, Wireless
520 SAR
Brand: COXO
Code: DB686 LATTE
In Stock
Feature 1. High power LED,purely dental blue light 2. Digital display, adjustable work time 3...
PENGUIN LED Curing Light, Wireless
850 SAR
Brand: COXO
Code: DB686 Penguin
In Stock
Penguin Cordless LED Curing Light with high intensity and short curing times starting from 5 seconds..
Root Apex Locator, C-ROOT I (III)
1,400 SAR
Brand: COXO
Code: C-Root I(III)
In Stock
Technical: Adaptor working voltage: voltage:DC7.5V Battery:7scales battery Display: color TFT-LCD Vo..
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