Brand: Voco - Germany
Product Code: FD-VO069
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Model No. FD-VO069

Cimara Set

Cimara of VOCO is a system of repair of ceramics for Dental restorations. The dentist can use planning to direct repair of ceramic restorations and is especially comfortable since it is not necessary removal or re-cementation of prosthetic elements and additional devices are not required. Cimara of VOCO has a system of application with simple work steps and is not necessary to print by allowing the dentist to make ceramic repairs complete on a single session so also is very advantageous for the patient. Features: Permanent adhesion of composite to porcelain High shear adhesive strength No additional devices are required Simple work steps Without engraving Contents: 8 adhesive silane by 0.3 ml 4 ml adhesive, syringe 1.2 grams. Opaker LC, 8 x 0.25g great Caps (A1, 2 x A2, 2 x A3, A3.5, B2, A3.25 VC), accessories.