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22 Apr Inter-Root Lesions in Periodontics
Habrah Anass 0 2389
Inter-root lesions (IRLs) involve the furcation area of multi-rooted teeth and pose a therapeutic challenge due to bacterial reservoirs and complex an..
18 Sep A Complete Guide to buying Dental Apex Locator
Habrah Anass 0 2378
How do Apex locators work?Apex locators are devices used in endodontics to determine the working length of the root canal to be shaped or obturated. C..
18 Sep The Types of Endomotors
Habrah Anass 0 1714
‏Endo motor is a device you use to shape and finish the root canals to obturate them.‏Due to its dynamic moves and strong engine, reduce the time you ..
02 Aug Endo Rotary Files Generations (Evolution)
Habrah Anass 0 29171
Endodontic treatments have been improving in the latest years as a result of new techniques that appeared in past years. New metals other than SS have..
02 Aug ROTARY VS RECIPROCATION: How do I choose?
Habrah Anass 0 10710
One of the most common questions an endodontist might get asked is “which is better for tooth canal preparation is it rotation or reciprocation? “Firs..
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