The ultrasonic dental devices are utilized in endodontics and periodontics for subgingival and supragingival plaque removal, tartar and surface stain cleaning, and a few surgical procedures.

Here's a complete guide to the types of ultrasonic tooth scalers and various kinds of features to help you make the right decision.

What Kinds Of Ultrasonic Scalers Are Available?

Built-in in the dental chair: When we buy built-in ultrasonic equipment, we must be aware that it will be integrated into the dental chair forever. One of the advantages of this is that it will be cheaper; meanwhile, we won't be able to use any special liquids for periodontics procedures except the water which already exists in the dental unit.

Standalone without water tank: In every case, this kind of dental ultrasonic gadget should be associated with a water source, whether it be the water flexibly from the dental seat or an outer tank. Much like the integrated scaler dental in the dental unit, these aren't appropriate for performing the periodontics procedures that require different fluids than water. Almost these types of sonic scalers have more features than the built-in ones.

Standalone with liquids tank: This dental ultrasonic scaler unit can work totally independently because it doesn't need to be associated with a water source. On account of this, the scaler unit can be moved to any other clinic easily. They are likewise the best for periodontal procedures. If you can afford its price, don't hesitate to get one.

Ultrasonic Scaler Features To Be Aware Of

Ultrasonic Handpiece: The handpiece is a basic component in dental ultrasonics as it is fundamental that it is viable with the scaling tips we use. As we know, these parts work in the patient's mouth, so they should be easy to clean and autoclavable.

Frequency: for good cavitation, the frequency must be between 21-32 kHz; a higher frequency is more effective, and should make sure that the tips are screwed firmly to make vibration transmission at the maximum to get the full power of the sonic handpiece.

Vibration Amplitude: This depends on the tip's shape; when we have to remove a large amount of the tartar, we should use a wider tip to save practice time and effort.

Ultrasonic Tips: Also known as ultrasonic inserts, they are the working part that contacts the teeth directly. It is better to use the same manufacturer tips of the handpiece for better effective results and longer functional life. We recommended having a wide range of ultrasonic dental scaler tip kits.

Higher power is needed to remove calculus and tartar. Unlike old teeth scaler models, this sonic dental scaler generation includes a LED light, watering system, and quality scaler tips to help dentists who are new to scaling learn how to perform it efficiently for perfect periodontal scaling practice.

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