BISICO S4 Suhy Light Normal Set, for Crowns and Bridges 50ml PK/3
Brand: Bisico
Category: Vinyl Polysiloxane
Product Code: BI-71430
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Viscosity:Light Body
Set Time:Normal

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Addition-curing, extremely fine-flowing correction impression material with superhydrophilic properties for use in all impression techniques.

Due to its excellent flowing and impression properties, the material develops, in the moist areas of a dental impression, a strong affinity to the moistened surfaces of the mucous membrane and the teeth.

Avoiding air locks, the material flows to all critical areas and reproduces very fine contours. Residual liquids are flushed out through compression pressure and the material’s superhydrophilic properties.

Its thixotropic properties prevent the material already applied from seeping away.


Consistency: fine-flowing/light,

Colour (A/B): white/violet

Linear shrinkage: < 0.1%

Mixing time: not applicable

Processing time: 2:30 min.

Setting time: < 3:00 min. in the mouth

Final hardness: approx. 50 shore A

Standard: ISO 4823, type 3, low consistency

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