Aureocem NE, Self-adhesive, Luting Cement, White-Opaque, Syringe
Brand: Promedica
Category: Cement
Product Code: 2708
Availability: In Stock
Type:Luting Cement
Shade:White Opaque
Packing:Automix Syringe 5g + Mixing Tips + Intraoral Tip

856 SAR

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Abdulrehman Algosaibi Company

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Adhesive luting of inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges made of ceramic, zirconia, composite and/or metal
Adhesive luting of fibre-reinforced, metal and ceramic posts

Suitable for all material classes
Fast and easy cementation of endodontic posts
No etching / no bonding - short processing time
Short intraoral setting time
Application directly into root canal with intraoral tips
Perfect aesthetics: 3 different shades
Dual-curing for flexibility and safety
Permanent seal - very low water solubility
High abrasion resistance and stability
Bubble-free mixing
Extremely low film thickness for an exact fit without increase of vertical occlusion

REFILL: 5 g auto-mix syringe, mixing tips, intraoral tips

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