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440 SAR
Brand: EMS
Code:. EMS-DV-048/A/NEU
In Stock
Air-Flow Powder Classic, Neutral, 4x 300g Bottle..
EMS - EMS-DV-070/A
366.30 SAR
Brand: EMS
Code:. EMS-DV-070/A
In Stock
Air-Flow Powder, Perio, 120g Bottle..
EMS - EMS-DV-082/A
470.54 SAR
Brand: EMS
Code:. EMS-DV-082/A
In Stock
Air-Flow Powder, Plus, 100g Bottle..
Dentsply Sirona - 130002
138 SAR
Brand: Dentsply Sirona
Code:. DSS-130002
In Stock
Prophy-Jet Cleaning Powder is a flavoured sodium bicarbonate powder for professional air polishing p..
NSK - NS-Y900938
368 SAR
Brand: NSK
Code:. NS-Y900938
In Stock
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2 bottles packed in a box / Each bottle contains 160 g of prophy powder..
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