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Item Code# 5MO5

5MO Five (Mineral Oxides) 0.5g Improved MTA Material

High biocompatibility and toughness. Coherent mixture.
High sealing ability and hard setting at a thickness not more than 1.5 mm. Antibacterial property due to fluoride release.
SMO can be used easily as a root canal filling in some special cases, due to its highly fine particles. the compressive strength of SMO is about 100 MPa after three weeks, which is more than that of IRM, super EBA, and MTA (70 MPa), and clearly less than that of amalgam (311MPa).
SMO has initial setting time after about 3 hours, with a high PH (13.5).

0.5g Powder can be mixed with distilled water
Syrian Product (Made in Oman)
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