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Manarah United Medical Group

Intraligamental Syringe (Eu) Ml 1.8 - 4962/1

0,2 ml/click For administering local anaesthetic, using a pre-filled cartridge and an attached sterile needle (not provided). ADVANTAGES OF INTRALIGAMENTAL ANESTHESIA:
• Automatic limitation of the power pressure.
• Anesthetizing of a single tooth.
• No numbness of the tongue, lips or cheek.
• Simultaneous treatment of teeth in different quadrants.
• Supports regional block anesthesia.
• Eliminates the risk of haematoma.
• Lower emotional impact on patient.
• Fully autoclavable.
• Removable headpiece with angled threaded nozzle for the injection needle.
• Viewing chamber with safety sleeve for carpule cartridge.
• Handle servo dosing lever with optimal support for index finger for a gradual advance of the dosing plunger resetting key.
• No waiting time between injections and beginning of treatment.
• Excellent depth of anesthesia combined with shorter duration.
• Much less pain than standard injections (infiltration anesthesia in hard palate, intrapulpal or intraseptal injections or for papillectomy).
• A smaller quantity of given anaesthetic (~ 0,06 ml for single injection/click).
• Needle suggested: 30G.
• “Suitable for uppers and lowers, just turning the front barrel”
• As opposed to a classical infiltration or block anesthesia, this method injects the local anesthesia directly into the dental ligament (periodontal ligament) and thus guarantees a rapid, profound and total anesthesia of a single tooth.

Tip: EU - European/METRIC thread
Tip Material: Chrome-Plated Brass
Handle: Open pistol grip
Handle Material: Stainless Steel

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